St. Goret

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From Kyarumba, we went on a scenic 5 km path to hike up to 1,592masl to find the St. Goret washing station. You can only climb on foot to reach this washing station, which makes the delivery of coffee cherries particularly difficult. The path was beautiful with trees carrying durians, mangoes and other fruits. We also saw cocoa trees and enjoyed smelling at fresh vanilla plants. The station manager greeted us with his crew, and they described their processes with the help of a colorful info chart. The washed coffee had sweet, crisp notes of red grapes, cherries, and plum. A wine-like body and bright acidity adds a nice character to the coffee, and overall the flavours are well-balanced and the coffee cools well.

Pesi Muthikwa, Station Manager at St.Goret

Pesi Muthikwa, Station Manager at St.Goret, showing us the process at their washing station

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