Olivo Pajoy Henry from Finca La Esperanza

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Olivo Pajoy Henry is the specialty coffee producer at Finca La Esperanza in Huila, Colombia. Wait, La Esperanza? This sounds familiar. It probably does, because it is a prevalent name for farms in Central and South America – it stands for ‘Hope’.

We drove up a steep mountain in the Pitalito municipality, where many other coffee farms are located. Olivo’s farm starts at 1700 meters above sea level on the vereda San Miguel. With so many farms around, it was not easy to find the right one. A bit lost, we asked a girl on a horse for directions, but she didn’t know either. Suddenly, a guy on a motorbike approached us and he knew where to find the farm. We reached Finca La Esperanza a few minutes later.

At the farm, kids and dogs were running around both curious and playful. However, the dogs didn’t seem to like strangers and started barking. Loud barking noises that lasted during our entire farm visit. The farmer’s wife indicated Olivo was somewhere in the coffee plantation, so we went to look for him. The experience felt similar to our visit at Gonzalo’s farm in Ecuador (read story here).

Dark clouds emerged and it looked like it’s going to rain, and just when we decided to head back to the farm house Olivo appeared out of nowhere. We were very happy to see him!
Olivo is the proud father of seven children, of which two already moved out. He grows Caturra, it’s the only variety he has been working with for many years. Newer plants are on higher altitude and he aims to replace the old plants soon due to the leaf rust. The depulped coffee sits in the fermentation tank for 24 hours and requires to dry for 20 days. The raised drying beds are installed in front of his white-red painted farm house.

Olivo’s coffee astonished us with a fresh, intense fragrance/aroma, with suggestions of berries and yellow fruits, which we also tasted in the cup along with vanilla, honey and floral notes. We look for a common set of cup characteristics for all our single origin coffees: cleanness, balance and continuous sweetness at various temperatures throughout the cupping process – this coffee fits the bill. The overall score is 88.50 points.

We look forward to Olivo’s coffee. It will arrive at our London warehouse in early September. The quantities are limited given it’s a small microlot.
Email us (info@sendero-coffee.com) if the coffee sparks your interest, we also have some other outstanding microlots available from Huila and Narino.

Olivo Pajoy Henry's farm house in Huila

Olivo Pajoy Henry’s farm house in Huila

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