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600 farmers bring their coffee to the Nyabisusi washing station, which is located at 1,366masl. About two third of the farmers are women. The station receives about 10 to 200kg of coffee cherries per delivery, and usually the farmers come 5 to 10 times during each harvest season. William, the station manager, invited us for a short pictographic presentation, which was similar to other washing stations we had seen on our sourcing trip. The message is consistent, as such is the coffee that we had cupped from this station – one of the few natural coffees on our entire trip. In the cup, we found Waldfrucht, kiwi, and floral notes. The coffee is complex, and stood out with cocoa nibs on the finish.

Paineto Baluku (managing director of Bukonzo Joint Coop) & William Mulhondi (station manager at Nyabisusi)

Paineto Baluku, Managing Director of Bukonzo Joint Coop & William Mulhondi, Station Manager at Nyabisusi

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