Maria Aura Lasso from Finca San José

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Maria Aura Lasso and her husband are an admittedly shy couple who produce a very un-shy coffee. Their farm, Finca San José, is located in the municipality of Consacá, on the western side of Nariño’s famous Galeras Volcano.
Their coffee is the result of careful farming on great soil. At 1,900 meters above sea level, in the small hamlet of Alto Bomboná, Maria harvested and fermented this Castillo lot for 14 hours before drying it on raised beds for eight days.

Maria delivers her coffee at Café Occidente’s purchasing point in Consacá. Café Occidente is a cooperative that was founded in 1977 with only 50 members. At first, it operated principally in the municipalities of Sandoná and Pasto. Today, it has over 20 different purchasing points and eight farm supply stores in 12 municipalities of Western Nariño. While it is constantly growing, it currently has 1,670 members, including four first place and two second place Cup of Excellence winners since 2005.

The average base price set by the FNC for Colombian farmers over the last twelve months (as of June 30, 2016, around the time this coffee was purchased) was approximately COP 760,000 per carga. One carga is equivalent to 125 kilograms of parchment coffee. However, Maria received COP 1,200,000 per carga. We are extremely happy farmers get compensated well above average for their hard work and we think it encourages them to produce consistently high quality coffee.

When we cupped this microlot, we got flavours of dark cherries, sweet passionfruit and nectarine with bright, juicy and clean taste. The great mouthfeel and lasting aftertaste made this coffee stand out on the cupping table. It is well balanced across all cupping criteria leading to a score of 88.25 points.

Maria’s coffee is one of our favourite coffees. Unfortunately the available quantity is limited but we are able to bring 550 kg to London. Soon we will be shipping our Colombian microlots. Feel free to email us ( for enquiries or samples.

Maria Aura Lasso and her husband on their microlot in Nariño, Colombia

Maria Aura Lasso and her husband on their microlot in Nariño

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