On a blooming path with Karol Villaquiran

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Finca Las Flores is our first microlot we present from Colombia. Flores in Spanish means flowers. Karol Villaquiran, a young 32 year old man with two beautiful daughters, picked this particular name for his coffee farm because he likes the nature and the season when everything is blooming. The name reminds him of that.

Karol’s wife prepared us a nice lunch and we had a chance to talk more about his family and his farm. Karol has been a farmer all his life. In the area where he grew up most families have been farming for generations. The farm is located on 1750m in Huila, one of Colombia’s best and famous coffee growing regions. The closest town is Pital, with the Magdalena river not far from it.

After lunch Karol showed us around, and explained us he depulps coffee without any use of water. The beans sit in the fermentation tank for 28-35 hours, then get transferred over to the raised covered drying bed. One of the immediate differences we noticed between Colombia and Ecuador: the raised drying beds have a parabolic cover in Colombia whereas in Ecuador they have a triangular shape. Either way, both provide a very warm environment for coffee parchments to dry effectively after going through washed processing.

We continued our visit to his coffee plantation, a few minutes drive uphill from his house. Karol proudly told us his farm is UTZ-certified, which stipulates a common set of environmental and social criteria promoting sustainable farming, for instance protection of nature, soil fertility management and no child labour.
The trees are in very good shape and production is at its peak in June. The varieties Typica, Caturra, Castillo and Colombia are grown on three hectares land. 15 to 16 workers are helping during the harvest season and all of them are trained to only pick ripe red cherries. Clearly, Karol is taking good steps for a blooming future.

At a blind cupping session his coffee was blooming as well, with intense milk chocolate and sweet berries in fragrance/aroma. Blueberry notes are shining through the cup and work extremely well with the chocolate flavour. Overall we liked the balance, good body and long-lasting aftertaste. We scored this remarkable coffee above 88 points, and think it’s a uniqure coffee for various brewing methods.

We are very happy to ship soon Karol’s June harvest along with other delicious microlots from Huila and Narino. The expected arrival in the UK is in September. Feel free to contact us (info@sendero-coffee.com) for our offer sheet.

Karol Villaquiran is looking proudly over his coffee farm Las Flores

Karol Villaquiran is looking proudly over his coffee farm Las Flores

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