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Juan Carlos & Sonia from Finca La Quinua Alto

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Juan Carlos Solarte and Sonia Bastidas are a couple that produce specialty coffee at a farm called La Quinua Alto, situated between 1,700 and 1,800 meters above sea level. They were both born and raised in the municipality of Ancuya, Nariño, not far from the border of Ecuador.

They belong to a family that has been producing commercial coffee for two generations, but three years ago they made a bet on focussing on quality and producing specialty coffee. As it turns out, it was a not a bad bet to make: specialty coffee has enabled them to improve the quality of life for their son, who is currently attending high school, as well as for their daughter, who is just starting primary school. With more available cash, they’ve been able to allow their kids to focus on their education – a luxury they didn’t necessarily have growing up.

In June they harvested their Caturra and Castillo varieties, fermenting the ripe, de-pulped cherries for 14-16 hours before drying the wet, washed parchment on a patio over the course of 8-12 days. They then hand-sorted the dry parchment to ensure the highest quality of their coffee and delivered it to the cooperative Café Occidente’s nearest purchasing point.

We were impressed by the complexity of this coffee, with peach and passion fruit tasting notes, a buttery/creamy body and good acidity. The score of 89 points is truly deserved, and it is our best microlot that we are bringing over from Colombia. Same as our other lots the available quantities are limited. Drop us a note ( if you are interested in samples.

Sonia Bastidas at her Finca La Quinua Alto

Sonia Bastidas at her Finca La Quinua Alto

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